I was wondering what will I write today….. Should it be this one or that one, or which one? Both are great! So I decided to post this one, because I think it could be a good place for you to consider to have brunch within the week with your friends or date or have meeting with your client.

The Stables of Como

The one I had was in their lunch menu but it is not a heavy meal, so if you’re not that hungry, this could be the one.

This is House smoked salmon + dill Crème fraiche w/ toasted rye bread.

There’s a recommendation for the brunch too tho, but you better ask the waiters for the menu 😛


Here is Instagram they provide address and post some photos for you to see how the place looks like and some ideas of what the menus are 🙂
I would suggest to go there by car or bicycle if you live close enough. This quite hard to find by google maps and not recommended to go there by public transport (except if you love walking so much tho). Be there at the latest 2pm because the kitchen close at 3pm even though they close at 5pm.