Brownies for breakkie

As I said in my previous blog, I love chocolate and I loves snacking. Who doesn’t? I know its not healthy and can cause extra fat, but I just could not resist to have a bite (or some) of brownies. I mean this is not a usual brownies, it has toppings such as regal, ovaltine + oreo, and even cheese.

Facts about brownie:
– Introduced in US and popularized in US and Canada
– Sometimes consumed with milk or coffee or ice cream
– Sliced from a type of dense, rich chocolate cake ( the texture cross between a cake and cookie )


Here is the picture of the regal brownies.

Now you can see how tempting is this. I don’t say its healthy but it is good for breakfast. It is sweet and gives you enough calories to go through your day. Moreover, you can share this with your friends if you don’t want to feel guilty by eating it yourself tho.


Here, if you want to have some, just text the owner. The best thing is, she can deliver your order to you if you’re in Melbourne CBD. It is worth to pay such amount for a good brownies.

Enjoy 🙂